Business Formation

Business Formation, Day & SchiszikAre you interested in forming a business, but don’t know what kind of business you would like to form? Or have a business started, but need additional legal planning or modifications or amendments to your documents? The assistance of experienced attorneys like Day & Schiszik, during business formation can be especially helpful, as the decisions you make on start up can affect your business for years and decades to come. Our attorneys will work closely with you, to identify your goals and concerns. Our attorneys will work with you to consider important questions in regard to the formation of your business:

– What is the purpose of your business?
– How will this business serve the community?
– What product are you trying to sell?
– Are you going to have business partners?
– If so, who are they?

The reason for legal assistance is simple: you may miss important steps that are needed to get your business be recognized by the state of Maryland as well the IRS. In addition, the choice of business entity can also have far-reaching tax consequences that we will help you consider. For example, while an LLC (limited liability corporation) is typically most beneficial for new business owners, there are other options that can be explored.