Day and Schiszik Family LawWe here at Day & Schiszik are moralistic and fair, using our problem-solving abilities and in-depth knowledge of the law to get you the best possible outcome.

We work with our clients to establish a well thought-out strategy for resolving the case and meeting your long-term goals. We know how to stand firm and be tough – but in an effective manner.

Our primary goal in all domestic cases is to reach a reasonable out-of-Court settlement. We litigate only when a reasonable settlement cannot be reached. It is our goal to reduce–not increase–the emotional friction which accompanies most domestic relations cases, and we expect that approach from our clients as well.

Focusing in areas such as:

– Divorce: When a marriage breaks down, it is important to speak to attorney so that you know the repercussions of how separation will play out. Divorces, especially with a large amount of property debts and children, are complicated and having an attorney to explain your rights and your options is invaluable.

– Custody: Children are a gift and must be protected when relationships break down. Custody, both physical and legal, is complicated and a number of factors determine how the Court will award custody at the end of a proceeding.

– Prenuptial Agreements: If you are interested in a prenuptual agreement, it is imperative that an attorney be consulted. Under Maryland law, there are certain requirements which must be met, otherwise the agreement could be rendered completely invalid.

– Mediation: A mediator is a person who is trained to help people work through the legal issues facing them and takes the conflict out of the situation to achieve results. Working with a mediator trained in family law is crucial to make sure your rights are protected, the “t’s are crossed, and the i’s dotted.” The partners at the firm are some of the best around when it comes to these matters, whether mediating or advising their client’s during the mediation.

– Marital Settlement Agreements: Almost 90% of domestic cases are resolved through agreements, either with formal court proceedings or outside of court. Talking to an attorney to make sure your rights are adequately protected could make the difference between saving you thousands or costing you even more.

– Adoption and Surrogacy: If you are interested in adopting a child or being a surragate, special laws govern these areas. Make sure your plan is well thought out and in compliance with rules. If not, it will cause more than a headache down the line.

– Child Abuse (DSS or CPS cases) and Neglect: If you or your child have been accused of child neglect or abuse, make sure that your rights are protected in front of the administrative courts. We have successfully defended or reduced charges stemming from poorly conducted investigations or inappropriate conduct on the part of the case workers

– Child Abduction: If your child has been taken from your lawful custody by another custodian, we can advise you of the proper course of action. Depending on the abductors rights in the child, their action can be completely legal (but frowned upon) or a felony.

– Child Visitation: From simply holiday visitation to complex supervised visitation, it is important to know the ramifications of such visitation and whether it is appropriate in any given case.

– Child Support: While child support is governed by the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, a number of things can occur when you now how to work with numbers. Make sure that your child receives the support that they need.

– Alimony: Alimony is appropriate in many situations, but not all. It is also one of the hardest things to accurately predict. Make sure that you have a legal advocate by your side so you know the appropriate amount of support you should receive or be required to pay.

– Juvenile Adjudication: In Maryland, juveniles have separate court proceedings than adults. Make sure your child is appropriately represented in Court.

– Paternity cases: Is the person you believe to be the parent of your child not accepting responsibility for the gift they created? Make sure the appropriate steps are taken so that you receive the child support to which your child is legally entitled.

– Grandparent/Relative Visitation and Custody: If you are not a parent or a legal custodian of a child, but you desire visitation or custody rights in a child, it is imperative that you have an attorney representing you. These cases are difficult and attorneys will advise you of your chances of success and the level of access you are likely to receive.

– Marriage, Civil Unions, and Domestic Partnerships: These are all legal unions  between two individuals. Every relationship is different, and you might find that you need legal advice in order to determine the best way to manage your assets, how to adopt your spouse’s children, or something else.

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